The pleasure of delicious food
The kitchen hosts the everyday experience that we all enjoy and love, and nothing makes this experience better than the perfect food and drink.
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The pleasure of delicious food

The kitchen hosts the everyday experience that we all enjoy and love, and nothing makes this experience better than the perfect food and drink.
So Good is the face of the food and drink branch of Kasco. Our goal is to bring delicious brands that people will love. By doing careful market research, we establish the trends and habits of local consumers, putting us in a position to select the right products for the right market segment. Our marketing expertise and creative approach accompanied by a strong sales and distribution setup are key elements to our success.


We distribute our food and drink brands to outlets and work hard to ensure fresh stock and a wide selection.

Food Service

We work closely with hotels and restaurants all over the country so that we can understand and meet their specific needs.

Quality Brands

All of brands are specifically selected to bring something new and delicious to the table.


Over the years So Good have built strong relations with leading retail outlets across Malta and Gozo.

Our products are distributed to numerous confectioners, convenience stores, independent supermarket and hypermarket chains, making our products easily available for consumers nationwide. We create a demand for our products through a well thought marketing strategy which is crafted to feature our brands characteristics and reach our target audience.

Food Service

Through its partnership with Pasta Rummo and Robo, So Good provides numerous catering products to leading hotel chains, all inclusive hotels, restaurants and pizzerias across Malta and Gozo. Providing quality products that are endorsed by some of the most highly acclaimed local chefs whilst ensuring a service experience that is both dependable and consistent.

Love at first bite

Brands we are proud to represent.

Pasta Rummo Malta

Rummo is one of the excellences of Italian Cuisine. Simple, truthful and full of personality. Rummo is a pasta that enhances any kind of seasoning and sauce, making a first course a specialty.


The Chef’s Secret Ingredient. For more than 70 years Robo has provided service professionals with a wide range of ingredients and products ready for use.


Brockmans is Like No Other gin. It stands proudly alone from the many other types of gin due to the unique recipe of exquisite botanicals and the patient steeping distillation process. To make Brockmans, exquisite botanicals are sourced from all over the world. This creates an intensely smooth gin with a beautifully crafted taste that is sensual and daringly different.


Over the years D’Amico has distinguished itself for high quality standards in processes and services with a production carried out in the modern plants of Pontecagnano Faiano and Rovereto, careful selection of raw materials, constant search for new products and innovative processing methods, technologically advanced production systems, assistance and dedication to customers.

Taste of India

A great curry in a hurry. These award winning, easy to prepare, range of curry sauces provide a quick and convenient way to enjoy traditional authentic Indian recipes.


In the creation of this classic vodka, we use specially selected grain and the latest distilling technology. We always strive to achieve impeccable quality, so that those who taste our distilled product can be certain they are choosing a vodka that is as reliable as a nobleman’s word of honour.


When passion meets tradition, reality becomes legend. Traditional techniques and innovative modern technologies come together in a unique process, one that turns nature into excellence.

Louis Eschenauer

A Quest for Excellence since 1821. On a quest for the highest quality since its very beginnings, Louis Eschenauer places its expertise at the service of its partner vintners, to create wines that are tailored to the tastes of wine lovers everywhere.

At So Good we’re dedicated to delicious

All the different foods and drinks that we supply have been selected for their excellent quality and inspiring presence in the kitchen or at the bar. We take the time to get to know the brands that we offer and how they can make every dining experience – So Good.