About Kasco

Kasco was founded in 1996 by Keith Schembri and started life as a service provider to the family owned company Sunland Printers, supplying paper from international mills to Malta. Within a short period of time it became clear that an opportunity existed to establish a locally based paper supplier with a keen understanding of the printing services needed in the country, establishing the service as a separate business.

Kasco soon built a reputation in the graphic arts industry as an efficient and well-stocked supplier, but soon moved beyond that. Keith was able to release a vision of the graphic industry which put the clients’ general demands in the centre. Kasco identified each clients’ specific needs while affording the agility to offer a myriad of services by shaping its business workflow to accommodate the specific needs of each of its customers. At a time when printing houses were looking for diverse and creative opportunities Kasco was able to take advantage of this demand and immediately experienced significant growth that would position the company as the industry leader and trail blazer.

This success created an innate drive for expansion which finally took off in 2004, with the expansion into Kasco Engineering – a venture which provides engineering and technical support primarily for the printing machines used in the graphic arts industry and would develop a further supply line for the German industry supplier, Berner. This venture laid the path for further horizontal business models and brought to the fore the concept environmental sustainability, with Kasco developing a recycling initiative called Kasco Recycling, with an aim to create a nation-wide paper waste collection operation.

The entrepreneurial drive within the company was now established and resulted in a rebranding exercise which opened the gates to more horizontal business initiatives. So Good was created in 2015, as a supplier of quality food and drink brands; and Loft, a luxury home furnishings store established in multiple locations in Malta.
The key elements which underlined Kasco’s growth are present in all the products Kasco offers. It is a drive to put the client at the centre of each business model and establishing a supply to nourish their future needs. This is the entrepreneurial flair which has come to define this company. Today Kasco is an organization of like-minded motivators with the energy and optimism of its founder, Keith Schembri. It is, clearly an organization which has positioned itself to embrace the challenges of an organically changing environment.